How do you record karaoke and sing?

  1. Smule. App Store | Google Play.
  2. Karaoke – Sing Unlimited Songs by Yokee. App Store | Google Play.
  3. KaraFun. What is this?

How can I record myself singing karaoke on my iPhone?

Recording Vocals for a Song With iPhone : iPhone Basics – YouTube

What is needed to record yourself singing?

A USB microphone, headphones, computer and recording software is enough to record your singing voice. However, a quality recording requires a microphone, audio interface, computer, recording software, headphones, XLR cable and microphone stand. A pop filter and cable adapters may also be required.

How do you record voice and music at the same time?

  1. Swipe down the function tab on the top of your screen and find a tile labeled “Screen recorder” sitting on the second page.
  2. Long-press it to go to the “setting” tab and select “System audio and microphone sound” as the sound settings.

Is there a karaoke app that records?

SingSnap is the largest streaming service that allows you to record and playback your songs. Share your recordings on Twitter, Facebook, or send them privately via email to your friends. Sing solo or perform a duet with another SingSnap user.

Which app is best for singing with background music?

  • WeSing by Tencent Music: The first application on this list available in both the Google play store and Apple store is WeSing by Tencent Music.
  • Voloco. Enhance your talent with Voloco and create an impression.
  • Smule.
  • Backtrackit.
  • TuneWiki – Lyrics for Music.
  • Sing Harmonies by Zanna Discs.
  • MusiXMatch.
  • StarMaker.


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