How do you sing harmony in worship?

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What does singing in harmony involve?

Harmonization happens when musical notes combine into one chord often in thirds or sixths, and then into chord progressions1. In a simple two-part harmony, the first person sings the melody and the second sings above or below that melody within the chord structure.

How do you harmony your voice?

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How do you harmonize gospel songs?

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How do I get better at singing harmony?

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Can you teach yourself to harmonize?

Anyone who can sing can learn to harmonize by ear (also known as woodshedding). Learning to harmonize is all about training the ear to hear the implied harmonies to a given melody.

How do I train my ears to harmonize?

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How do you find harmony notes?

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How do I learn to harmonize?

  1. Understanding Melodic Intervals.
  2. Finding Intervals from Root Notes.
  3. Understanding the Difference Between Major and Minor.
  4. Use an Easy Melody Line.
  5. Listen To Some of Your Favorite Songs.
  6. Harmonizing Chords.
  7. Ear Training.
  8. Read Sheet Music.


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