How do you use singer live 3?

Just plug a guitar and a microphone into the Vocalist Live 3, then start playing and singing — this “intelligent” effects box will take care of the rest! It actually senses the chords you’re playing on guitar and adds correct vocal harmonies that track with your playing.

What is the difference between VoiceLive 3 and extreme?

The Extreme version allows you to record the live output directly from the pedal onto a USB stick. But the original still has the ability to record in combination with a DAW, using the VoiceLive 3 as an input. It might not be perfect, but you can basically do the same thing anyway.

How do you reset a VoiceLive 3?

factory reset. – Turn off your VoiceLive 3. small click when the button presses. switch on your VoiceLive 3.

How do I reset my voice touch?

Remove the powercable from the unit to turn off the VoiceLive; put the powercable back into the connector to turn it back on. That’s it; your VoiceLive has now been reset to full factory settings.

How do I reset VoiceLive?

To restoring the factory settings of TC Helicon VoiceLive Play, you must power on while simultaneously holding the BACK and STORE buttons. The Factory Reset procedure is complete. Warning!

How do you reset the voice on TC Helicon live?

To factory reset your TC Helicon Voicelive, press and hold the back and store button simultaneously for a few seconds while the power is on. You will see a status bar, and the system will notify you that the factory reset process has been successfully completed.


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