How to Sing Like James Hetfield

Learn to Sing like James Hetfield (Metallica)

How can I make my voice sound like James Hetfield?

  1. #1 – Support and Compression. Breath Support often seems like a mystery to many singers, but it’s pretty easy in practice.
  2. #2 – Release Tension.
  3. #3 – Vowels and Articulation.
  4. #4 – Balance (Bright and Dark)
  5. #5 – Distortion.
  6. #6 – Range (Resonant Space)
  7. #7 – Finesse.
  8. #8 – Consonant grouping.

Why did James Hetfield change his singing style?

Hetfield originally intended to focus on rhythm guitar, but eventually changed to vocals when they couldn’t find a suitable singer, and even played a few shows as a singer only. James eventually settled on performing both duties.

Does Metallica use pitch correction?

Do Metallica use Auto-Tune?

Is James Hetfield a baritone?

Scaled right for superior playability. This James Hetfield Snakebyte is a baritone guitar with a 27″ scale length, so you can tune down without messing up your string tension.

How do you sing like 80s James Hetfield?

Screaming Success – Learn to Sing like James Hetfield (Metallica)

How did James Hetfield learn guitar?

In an interview with Guitar Center James said he is completely self-taught and also added that in the early days after school, Hetfield and one of his school mate, John used to jam together on Black Sabbath songs and they also used to show each other what they have learned each day and exchanged ideas.

Did James Hetfield take vocal lessons?

He started taking vocal lessons to get his voice back on track, but at the time, fans noted his voice had changed. Hetfield described the experience in the 1992 documentary ‘A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica’.

Did James Hetfield have singing lessons?

6. In the early 90s, James took voice lessons. His vocal coach gave him a cassette tape of how to warm up his voice. He still uses that tape to do his warm-ups before Metallica performs live or records.

What kind of singer is James Hetfield?

James Hetfield
Birth nameJames Alan Hetfield
BornAugust 3, 1963 Downey, California, U.S.
GenresHeavy metal thrash metal hard rock speed metal

How tall is Hetfield?

6′ 1″

How can I contact Metallica?

You can write to the band at the Club’s mailing address or email [email protected].

Why does James Hetfield’s voice sound different?

James’ singing style is often attributed to what damaged his voice, with people saying he was a “bad singer” (technique-wise) or calling his vocals “shouting”, but the thing is he was still singing, just with distortion. You can’t full on yell or shout melodies like he does.

Who influenced James Hetfield?

Discovering bands like AC/DC then Judas Priest and then the whole new wave of British heavy metal came out and that was Iron Maiden, then Motorhead, and Black Sabbath for sure was a No. 1 influence for me,” stated Hetfield.

Who inspired Kirk Hammett?

Hammett began showing an interest in music after listening to his brother Rick’s extensive record collection (which included Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and UFO). He began selling his horror magazines to buy music records, which led him to properly picking up the guitar at the age of fifteen.

Who inspired Metallica?

Influenced by the late 1970’s new wave of British heavy metal bands including Iron Maiden and Diamond Head, Metallica was formed in 1981 by the Danish immigrant Lars Ulrich (1963), a drummer.

Who is James Hetfield’s wife?

Francesca Hetfield

What age is James Hetfield?

58 years (August 3, 1963)

How much is the lead singer of Metallica worth?

James Hetfield is an American singer, guitarist, and songwriter who is most famous for being the lead singer for the popular heavy metal band, Metallica. What is this? James Hetfield’s net worth is roughly $300 million.

How did Lars Ulrich join Metallica?

Ulrich remains a fan of Diamond Head and would later mix their album The Best of Diamond Head. Upon returning to America, Ulrich placed an advert in a local classifieds newspaper looking for musicians to start a band with him. James Hetfield replied to the ad, and Metallica was formed.

When was Metallica founded?


What rock bands use auto-tune?

  • Akon. He uses it in his hit single “I’m So Paid”.
  • Alice Cooper. Uses it sometimes on his most recent album.
  • Alaska in Winter. Basically the electronic T-Pain, can’t go a song without using auto-tune.
  • Aphex Twin.
  • Attack Attack!
  • Natasha Bedingfield.
  • Black Eyed Peas.
  • Rebecca Black.

What pitch does Metallica use?

Eb Standard or D# Standard

The Eb standard tuning is very common among thrash metal bands. But Metallica only started using it in the 1990s on “Load” and “Reload” albums. As far as studio recordings go, these are the only two records with such a tuning.

Does rock use auto tune?

Rock music doesn’t use auto-tune

This is a modern technology that helps pop singers better their voices. In other words, it enhances their vocals even further. this kind of thing has no place in rock music. They sing with their vocals without any auto-tuning.

Do heavy metal bands use autotune?

It’s rare for metal musicians to use autotune at all. Usually, it’s used to rescue an otherwise perfectly smooth studio rendition if there’s an out of tune note. It should have been a bit easier to use rock for, but when most people are decent and can sing it well, then no one would be surprised.

Do bands use autotune?

Artists had to embrace the new technologies, or else they would risk falling behind and fading into obscurity. So, Rock singers do use autotune, but it’s shortsighted to consider it a shortcoming in one’s music. It’s merely a sign of the times and a way to give the fans what they want.

How can I sing higher in 5 minutes?

Try Singing With Your Hands On Your Cheeks

Another thing you can do is place your hands on your cheeks and then focus on keeping your sound above them. This is also very effective and helps keeping your voice from this “scooping” effect.

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