Is Jackie Chan’s singing any good?

Rush Hour- War! What is it good for?

Is Jackie Chan a good singer?

Jackie Chan is a prolific singer who started producing records in the early 80s. He started singing the theme songs over the closing credits of his films in 1980, when the film The Young Master was produced. Chan sang its theme song, titled “Kung Fu Fighting Man” entirely in English.

What is the song that Jackie Chan sings in rush hour?

Originally performed by Edwin Starr, Jackie and Chris Tucker sang part (highlighted in blue) of this song in Rush Hour 1.

What is it good for absolutely nothing is from which movie?

What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!” -Lee in Rush Hour | Facebook.

What song does Jackie Chan Sing in Rush Hour 3?

Rush Hour 3 Soundtrack

How many world records does Jackie Chan have?

I was awarded two Guinness Book of World Records, one of which is “Most Stunts Performed By A Living Actor.” I felt I particularly deserved it today. As I look back to the past, so many times to do my utmost, I think it was very worthwhile, because they are records of the past.

Is Jackie Chan a trained opera singer?

Jackie Chan is a classically trained opera singer.

Chan was enrolled at the Chinese Opera Research Institute at the age of seven, where he spent a decade training for the Peking Opera. It was there that he learned martial arts and acrobatics for entertainment.

What is Jackie Chan’s net worth?

Yang Berbahagia Datuk Jackie Chan SBS MBE PMW
Born7 April 1954 British Hong Kong
Spouse(s)Joan Lin ​ ( m. 1982)​

Is Jackie Chan a pop star?

Jackie Chan is an award-winning popstar.

How old is Jackie Chan?

68 years (April 7, 1954)

How many albums Jackie Chan sold?

Although Chan, 64, is one of the best-known Chinese actors in the world with a career spanning over five decades in the film industry, he is also recognized as a singer in his own right, having sold more than 1 million copies of about 10 solo albums he has released since the 1980s.

Which animated film did Jackie do a voice over for?

Jackie Chan has joined the cast of “The Nut Job 2,” Open Road Films announced on Tuesday. The renowned actor and martial artist will voice the animated character Mr. Feng, a territorial leader of the city’s mice gang.

When did Jackie Chan song come out?


Who is Jackie Chan daughter?

Etta Ng Chok Lam

Who wrote the score for rush hour?

Ira Hearshen

What movie used the song War?

The Edwin Starr version was used in the Rush Hour Trilogy.

Will Jackie Chan do Rush Hour 4?

Naturally, fans assumed that the photo means Rush Hour 4 is finally on the way after a long wait. However, in an unexpected twist, Jackie Chan’s management immediately released a statement the next day, revealing that Chan had not agreed to star in Rush Hour 4.

What’s the Michael Jackson song in rush hour?

I’m Michael Jackson, You Tito (Skit / From The Rush Hour Soundtrack) is an English language song and is sung by Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan.

What song is played at the end of rush hour?

Glad That We Loved (From The Rush Hour Soundtrack)

Are Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan friends?

So there’s a big opportunity there for friendships to blossom. And it seems that’s what happened with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker on the set of 1998’s Rush Hour. Here’s why Tucker said he and Chan established the friendship while making their hit action-comedy.

What song is Chris Tucker singing in the beginning of Rush Hour 3?

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker sang this song in Rush Hour 3 (2007). The song was originally performed by Roberta Flack.

Which song listed is an example of an anti war song?

  • Dionne Warwick, “I Say A Little Prayer”
  • The Cranberries, “Zombie”
  • Plastic Ono Band, “Give Peace A Chance”
  • Edwin Starr, “War (What is it Good For)”
  • Black Sabbath, “War Pigs”
  • The Rolling Stones, “Gimme Shelter”
  • Bob Dylan, “Masters Of War”
  • The Jimi Hendrix Experience, “All Along The Watchtower”

What group sang the song War What Is It Good For?

Edwin Starr

Who covered the song War?

TitlePerformerRelease date
WarBruce Springsteen & The E Street Band1986
WarMontezuma’s RevengeJuly 1992
WarLaibachOctober 10, 1994

What year was War by Edwin Starr written?

“War” is a counterculture protest song. It was written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong in 1969. It was released by the Motown label in 1970.

Is Edwin Starr still alive?

April 2, 2003

Does Netflix have Rush Hour 3?

Watch Rush Hour 3 | Netflix.

How does Rush Hour 3 start?

After an attempted assassination on Ambassador Han, Lee and Carter head to Paris to protect a French woman with knowledge of the Triads’ secret leaders. After an attempted assassination on Ambassador Han, Lee and Carter head to Paris to protect a French woman with knowledge of the Triads’ secret leaders.

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