Is Julia Roberts daughter an actress?

Is actress Emma Roberts related to Julia Roberts?

The actress shared a clip of herself and her niece celebrating together. Julia Roberts shared a birthday video for her niece, Emma Roberts.

Are Monica Potter and Julia Roberts related?

Her mannerisms, voice, and eyes remind us of Julia Roberts. Are they related? The two aren’t related. Potter, 30, was raised in Cleveland, Ohio, which she still calls home.

Does Julia Roberts have 2 daughters?

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder may keep their relationship private but have shared many sweet moments with their children over the years. The couple met in 2000 on the set of The Mexican, tying the knot two years later in New Mexico. In 2004, the actress gave birth to twins, daughter Hazel and son Phinnaeus.

Are Julia and Eric Roberts friends?

Despite all of the speculation, the Star 80 actor revealed that he and Julia have the typical sibling relationship. “My sister and I, though, we’ve always talked, we’ve always bitched. I’ve always had fun, [we’ve always] known each other. Simple as that,” Eric stated.

Does Julia Roberts have a daughter that looks just like her?

Teenage Hazel looks just like her dad, Danny Moder. Welcome to the red carpet, Hazel Moder! The 16-year-old, daughter of Julia Roberts and Danny Moder, just made her first appearance at an industry event, and she chose the absolute most glamorous occasion to do so.

How old are Julia Roberts twins now?

How old are Julia Roberts’ kids? Roberts and Moder are parents to 17-year-old fraternal twins Hazel Patricia and Phinneas “Finn” Walter, as well as 14-year-old son Henry Daniel.

Does Julia Roberts have a husband?

Julia Roberts celebrates 20 years of marriage to her husband Daniel Moder in 2022, and they’ve had their fair share of drama getting there. The couple met in early 2000, while the Oscar-winning actor was filming The Mexican with Brad Pitt.

Who plays Julia Roberts daughter in the movie Mothers Day?

The 48-year-old, looking dramatically different in her orange bob wig, is seen re-connecting with the woman heavily implied to be her long lost daughter, Kristin (played by Britt Robertson).


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