Is Ken Hensley of Uriah Heep still alive?

Which member of Uriah Heep died recently?

More Stories by Gil Kaufman. Former Uriah Heep vocalist John Lawton died on June 29 of undisclosed causes at the age of 74.

What happened to the original singer of Uriah Heep?

John Lawton, the rock and blues vocalist known for his stint as the lead singer of British rock band Uriah Heep in the 1970s, has died. He was 74. According to a statement from the band posted to Facebook, Lawton died unexpectedly on June 29.

Where did the name Uriah Heep come from?

Uriah Heep took their name from a character in Charles Dickens’ novel David Copperfield (using Dickens ‘ character names for bands would become something of a trend with Mott the Hoople and Jethro Tull). Their first album, released in 1970, Very ‘eavy, Very’ umbl.

Who were the original members of Uriah Heep?

In the beginning in 1970 Uriah Heep were born from the talent, heart and soul of the original five members. Keyboardist Ken Hensley, Guitarist Mick Box, Drummer Lee Kerslake ( Blizzard of Oz ), and the late vocalist David Byron and Bassist Gary Thain ( The Secrets ).

How many albums did Uriah Heep produce?

Over the years, the British hard rock band Uriah Heep has released 24 studio albums (of original material), 20 live albums, 41 compilation albums, 27 UK singles (33 worldwide) and 17 videos.

How many original members of Uriah Heep are still alive?

Their current lineup consists of lead and rhythm guitarist Mick Box, keyboardist Phil Lanzon, lead vocalist Bernie Shaw, drummer Russell Gilbrook, and bassist Dave Rimmer. They have experienced numerous lineup changes throughout their 53-year career, leaving Box as the only remaining original member.

What does the name Uriah Heep mean?

Uriah Heep, fictional character, the unctuous villain in Charles Dickens’s novel David Copperfield (1849–50). The name Uriah Heep has become a byword for a falsely humble hypocrite. Heep, Uriah; David Copperfield.

What happened to Uriah Heep in David Copperfield?

They let Uriah go free only after he has (reluctantly) agreed to resign his position and return the money that he has stolen. Later in the novel, David encounters Uriah for the last time. Now in prison for bank fraud, and awaiting transportation, Uriah acts like a repentant model prisoner.

What type of man was Uriah Heep?

Uriah Heep is a man of cunning and treacherous nature! He very cunningly and deceitfully learns from David the secrets of Mr. Wickfield’s business and private life. Uriah Heep is a thorough hypocrite and cheat.

Is Uriah Heep heavy metal?

Uriah Heep wasn’t as heavy as let say Sabbath or some of the other early heavy metal bands but they were hard rock with a progressive edge. Early heavy metal is a big nebulous cloud of late garage, heavy psych, heavy prog, and hard rock. It was a frontier town where there was little rules or order.

Who was the keyboard player for Uriah Heep?


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