Is Pierre Bouvier married?

What happened to Pierre Bouvier?

Bouvier is best known for owning a collection of Takamine acoustic guitars which he uses in every album and while playing live. He also owns a few of Fender electric guitars. Since 2020, he also multitasks as bass guitarist and lead singer following departure of David Desrosiers.

Is Simple Plan Still Alive?

Simple Plan
Years active1999–present
LabelsLava Atlantic
MembersPierre Bouvier Chuck Comeau Jeff Stinco Sébastien Lefebvre
Past membersDavid Desrosiers

How old are Nicky and Pierre?

Nicky Champa, 26, and Pierre Boo, 31, who now have a combined total of over 23 million followers on TikTok, set a goal to get a house together while they were shacked up in their place on Hollywood and Vine in 2021.

What high school did Blink 182 go to?

Blink-182 was formed in August 1992 in Poway, California, a northern suburb of San Diego. Guitarist Tom DeLonge was expelled from Poway High for being drunk at a basketball game, and was forced to attend another school, Rancho Bernardo High School, for one semester.

Is Simple Plan Canadian?

Simple Plan is a rock band that formed in Montréal, Qué, with Pierre Bouvier (vocals), Chuck Comeau (drums), Jeff Stinco and Sebastien Lefebvre (guitars) and David Desrosiers (bass).

Who plays bass in Simple Plan?


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