Just the Two of Us Song?

Just the Two of Us

Who was Just the Two of Us written for?

6. Will Smith – ‘ Just The Two Of Us’ Putting his own spin on the 1981 Bill Withers classic, Will Smith paid tribute to his eldest son Trey in his 1997 track ‘Just The Two Of Us’.

What is the original Just the Two of Us?

“Just the Two of Us”
ReleasedJuly 20, 1998
Length5:15 (album version) 4:19 (radio edit)
Songwriter(s)Will Smith Grover Washington, Jr. Bill Withers Ralph MacDonald William Salter

When was the song Just the Two of Us Popular?

“Just the Two of Us,” Grover Washington Jr.’s soulful collaboration with Bill Withers, was one of the top singles of 1981. Now, 40 years after its first release, fans old and new are rediscovering it once more.

Is Grover Washington still alive?

December 17, 1999

How old was Grover Washington Jr when he died?

Grover Washington Jr., the jazz saxophonist and composer who moved easily between mainstream jazz and pop fusions, died Friday night in New York City after taping four songs for a television show. He was 56 years old, and had lived in Philadelphia.

Who plays sax on just the two of us?

and Bill Withers, “Just the Two of Us” Saxophonist Grover Washington, Jr.‘s huge sound and soulful playing, as well as the crossover appeal of some of his instrumentals, had already made him a big star by the time he released Winelight in 1981.

When did Will Smith just the two of us come out?


Who played bass on just the two of us?

Just the Two of Us – Bass Transcription by Andreas Farmakalidis… “Just the Two of Us” is a Grammy award winning R&B song that was written by. for the album Winelight. Winelight features many well known musicians such as Marcus Miller on bass, Steve Gadd on drums, Eric Gale guitars, Richard Tee piano, among others.

What year was Bill Withers born in?

July 4, 1938

Who played steel drums on just the two of us?

Robert Greenidge played the steel drums on this one. He also played the instrument on John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy),” also released in 1980.

What Beatles album is just the two of us on?

“Two of Us”
Cover of the song’s sheet music
Song by the Beatles
from the album Let It Be
Released8 May 1970

When did Put Your Head on My Shoulder come out?


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