What does Mike Shinoda do now?

In other Mike Shinoda news, he was recently appointed as the Community Innovation Advisor for Warner Recorded Music. He will work closely with Warner Music’s leadership to help shape an “artist-centric approach to Web3.”

What is Linkin Park doing?

Linkin Park have been on hiatus since the death of frontman Chester Bennington in 2017. “The only Linkin Park news I have for you is that… Yeah, we talk every few weeks – I talk to the guys, or some of the guys,” Shinoda said. “And there’s no tours, there’s no music, there’s no albums in the pipeline.

What guitar does Mike Shinoda use?

Notes: Starting on the Projekt Revolution tour in the summer of 2007, Mike made Gibson SGs his guitars of choice for certain songs – he apparently has a tonal preference for certain songs in Drop D tuning, where he uses the SG for some songs and his PRS Singlecuts for others.

Does Lincoln Park still perform?

Linkin Park has not performed live since Bennington died in July 2017 (except for a tribute show a few months later) but Shinoda said it remains a possibility. “For me, I’m like, ‘Okay physically I could still tour. ‘ That part’s good.


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