What happened to Kelly Clarkson’s opera singer in The Voice?

According to reports from Entertainment Tonight and Yahoo Entertainment, Gallagher was forced to leave the competition after breaking the show’s strict COVID-19 protocols.

What happened to Kelly on The Voice 2021?

A new round of ‘The Voice’ started Monday night, and there was one major change: Kelly Clarkson was gone. Kelly Clarkson is pictured on “The Voice.” Clarkson is temporarily absent from the NBC competition because she was sick during the Battle rounds.

Does Blake Shelton like Kelly Clarkson?

Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson have a relationship much like a brother and sister. Although they bicker as coaches on The Voice regularly, the two do love each other we think. Clarkson poked fun at this while welcoming Shelton to perform on her show, the Kelly Clarkson Show, on Friday (April 8).

Why is Kelly not returning to The Voice?

Magazine that the main reason behind the singer’s exit from The Voice was to spend more time with her children. “While Kelly hasn’t announced it publicly yet, she’s done with the red chair.

Why did the opera singer leave The Voice 2020?

On last Monday’s episode of “The Voice,” host Carson Daly announced that Gallagher “had to exit the competition.” A source close to the show told TODAY that Gallagher broke the show’s strict COVID-19 protocols and was dismissed “out of an abundance of caution.”

Who did Kelly steal in the knockouts?

During Night 1 we saw both girls use their steals: Kelly stole Katie Rae from Team Ariana and then Ariana stole Holly Forbes from Team Kelly.


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