What happened to the lead singer of Cannibal Corpse?

In 1995, during recording sessions for a new album, singer Chris Barnes was dismissed because of personal differences with the rest of the band and was replaced by Monstrosity singer George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher.

Is Chris Barnes married?

Personal life. Chris has been married to Lynda Barnes (née Norry) since 1999. Lynda is an accomplished PWBA bowler in her own right who has represented the United States in international competition as a longtime member of Team USA, and currently bowls for Senior Team USA.

How much does Chris Barnes make?


What band is Chris Barnes in?

Who left Cannibal Corpse?

After Barnes left CANNIBAL CORPSE to form SIX FEET UNDER, he was replaced in the former band by Fisher. Five years ago, Barnes spoke about the possibility of SIX FEET UNDER and CANNIBAL CORPSE one day touring together, telling “The Chainsaw Symphony” radio program: “That would be a tough one to put together, my friend.

Will Cannibal Corpse tour again?

Long-running death metal icons Cannibal Corpse will return to stages this Winter on a US headlining tour with support from labelmates Whitechapel and Revocation!

Where was DJ Fisher born?

Gold Coast, Australia

What did Fisher do before DJing?

He grew up a mischievous kid in a long line of beach bums. By 16, he was a sponsored pro surfer traveling the world. In his mid 20s, his DJing hobby turned into a career, and in 2017, he went solo from duo Cut Snake and soon rocketed to the top of the house scene.


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