What happened to the lead singer of Lorna Shore?

Roughly a year after his arrival, McCreery was abruptly fired from the group following allegations of mental and sexual abuse. McCreery resurfaced on social media six months later and subsequently issued a statement in which he said, “I can assure you that these accusations are all lies”

Who is the new vocalist of Lorna Shore?

New Jersey-based deathcore act Lorna Shore recently released their highly acclaimed new EP “… And I Return to Nothingness”, which also introduces new vocalist Will Ramos. According to Lambgoat, the band will start recording their next album in November, which will be released in early 2022 via Century Media Records.

What is CJ McCreery doing now?

Ex-Lorna Shore vocalist CJ McCreery has launched a new band called Immortal Disfigurement. The band features ex-A Wake In Providence guitarist Josh Freeman and bassist Shane Slade of Winds Of Plague.

What is Whitechapel The Valley based on?

Just as the album’s cover states: “Based on true events“. This is a harrowing autobiography of the Whitechapel frontman’s childhood and upbringing in Hardin Valley, Tennessee. It’s a deep dive into the family woes and the harsh traumas that vocalist Phil Bozeman experienced in his younger years.

Does Lorna Shore have any original members?

About. In 2010, Lorna Shore independently released their first material with the EP called “Triumph.” Tom Barber was the original vocalist, alongside guitarists Aaron Brown and Jeff Moskovciak, bassist Gary Herrera, and drummer Scott Cooper.

Where did Chelsea Grin get their name from?

Chelsea Grin is an American deathcore band from Salt Lake City, Utah. The band was originally called Ahaziah before the name of the band was changed to Chelsea Grin, named after the torture method known as the “Glasgow Smile”.

What is blackened deathcore?

Blackened deathcore is an amalgamation of black metal and deathcore, to varying degrees. While it isn’t fundamentally very different from traditional deathcore, it tends to employ more treble and delay in the riffs to give it a “blackened” feel, and often uses.

Why did CJ leave signs of the Swarm?

Departure of CJ McCreery and Vital Deprivation (2018–2020) – In 2018, vocalist CJ McCreery departed Signs of the Swarm to join New Jersey-based deathcore act Lorna Shore, after their original vocalist Tom Barber departed to join Chelsea Grin.

What did Cory smarsh do?

Smarsh has been accused of physical abuse by one woman and sexual abuse of a minor by another. The allegation of physical abuse comes from ex-partner Jesa DeVir. She claims Smarsh became physically violent on Valentine’s Day 2019 and left bruises on her in 2020.


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