What is the feminine of Singer in French?

Is singer masculine or feminine?

Answer: singer does not have any gender.

What is the opposite of singer?


What is the feminine of nun?

The word “nun” is usually used for a female, who is a part of a religious group of this particular gender. Nun is often referred to as female monks. Although, in many English communities, a monk is used for both male and female ascetics from any religious background.

What does a songstress mean?

noun. a female singer, especially one who specializes in popular songs.

What is a male chanteuse?

chanteur (plural chanteurs) A male singer; often specifically a popular or cabaret singer.

What is the feminine for author?

An authoress is a female author. Most people object to this word, and prefer to be called authors.

What is the feminine of tutor?

The word tutor is gender-neutral. It is used as a title by both males and females. There is an unofficial feminine version, which is tutoress. But the majority use tutor for both genders.

What is the feminine of bull?

Bull is the masculine gender, whereas cow is the feminine of bull.

Who is chanteuse?

Definition of chanteuse – : songstress especially : a woman who is a concert or nightclub singer.

What is the synonym of singer?

In this page you can discover 55 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for singer, like: musician, songstress, chanteuse, hazan, songster, minstrel, songbird, soloist, blues-singer, vocaliser and chanter.

What does the name Scion mean?

Definition of scion – 1a : descendant, child especially : a descendant of a wealthy, aristocratic, or influential family. b : heir sense 1 scion of a railroad empire.

Why are they called torch songs?

The term comes from the saying, “to carry a torch for someone”, or to keep aflame the light of an unrequited love. Tommy Lyman started the use in his praise of “My Melancholy Baby”.

Is chanteuse masculine or feminine?

noun, plural chan·teuses [shan-too-siz; French shahn-tœz]. a female singer, especially one who sings in nightclubs and cabarets.

Is Sociologie masculine or feminine?

Provide the French equivalent of “a thing”. Include the indefinite article.une chose
Provide the French equivalent of “literature”. Include the definite article.la littérature
Provide the French equivalent of “sociology”. Include the definite article.la sociologie

What does chanteur mean in English?

Definition of chanteur – : singer especially : a singer of ballads.

Are musicians feminine?

The gender of musicien is masculine. E.g. le musicien. The feminine form is la musicienne.

Is Copain masculine or feminine?

A friend is given by un ami (masculine) or une amie (feminine), or informally as un copain (masculine) or une copine (feminine).

How do you pronounce chanteur?

How to pronounce ‘Il est chanteur. ‘ (He is a singer) in French? – YouTube

What is the meaning of Boulanger?

noun. baker [noun] a person who bakes. He is a qualified baker.

What language is the word protege?

French, from past participle of protéger to protect, from Middle French, from Latin protegere.


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