What Lake Is Kid Rock Singing About?

Kid Rock’s hit “All Summer Long” — reputed to be about Torch Lake — celebrates the carefree vibe in the late 1980s along the water in northern Michigan: “Splashing through the sandbar, talking by the campfire, it’s the simple things in life like when and where.

What lake did Kid Rock film All Summer Long?

The music video for the song was shot in Nashville, Tennessee, and features Kid Rock driving a Grand Craft Grand Sport boat out on the Old Hickory Lake, while two teenagers are shown enacting the song’s lyrics, taking place in the implied year of 1989 as mentioned in the first verse.

What lake does Kid Rock go to?

6, at the Pavilion at Star Lake. Foreigner will join Kid Rock at the outdoor show in Burgettstown. Tickets go on sale to the general public via Ticketmaster on Friday, following a presale that begins on Thursday morning. Kid Rock is launching a new tour that will see him perform in the Pittsburgh area this summer.

Where did Kid Rock go in northern Michigan?

MACKINAC ISLAND – Kid Rock, who famously sang about summertime exploits in Northern Michigan, is setting Up North communities abuzz after he was spotted on Mackinac Island Sunday and looks to be cruising on a pricey yacht to other touristy harbor towns on Monday.

Where on Torch Lake does Kid Rock Live?

The home, at 222 S. East Torch Lake Drive in the Traverse City area, was listed last week. It’s one of the higher-end properties in the neighborhood, which has been known for having celebrity residents and visitors, including music artists Kid Rock and Eminem, said associate broker Nancy Albrecht.

Is Werewolves of London the same as Sweet Home Alabama?

“All Summer Long” also samples Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of London”, which has similar chord progression to “Sweet Home Alabama”. The song is credited to Matthew Shafer, Waddy Wachtel, R.J. Ritchie, Leroy Marinell, Warren Zevon, Edward King, Gary Rossington and Ronnie Van Zant.

Is All Summer Long a true story?

So no, All Summer Long is not a true story — but that doesn’t make the happy hopeful feeling it’ll give any less authentic.

Why does Sweet Home Alabama sound like Werewolves of London?

The song samples the “Werewolves” piano hook, mashed up with Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama,” a song Zevon satirized in “Play It All Night Long” in 1980. “Werewolves of London” surfaced in several rather uncommon settings.

Where was Podunk video filmed?

PODUNK | News | Kid Rock. Shooting a video Friday in Nashville for my new song “PODUNK” and a friend of mine got this casting call emailed to her….. I have a feeling this video is gonna be awesome and its the first time in a long time I have been excited to shoot one!! Stay tuned.

Where did Kid Rock grow up?

Kid Rock was born Robert James Ritchie on January 17, 1971, in Romeo, Michigan, a small rural town north of the Detroit metro area. His father was a car dealer who owned a six-acre orchard where the young Ritchie would work along with his three siblings.

Is Kid Rock married to Audrey Berry?

According to The Detroit Free Press, Kid Rock met his longtime girlfriend Audrey Berry for the first time shortly after his divorce from Pamela Anderson in 2007. After a decade together, it was confirmed that they were engaged when Berry was seen sporting a diamond ring at Kid Rock’s Chillin’ the Most cruise in 2017.

What is Kid Rock’s real name?

Robert James Ritchie

Who sang All Summer Long in 1964?

The Beach Boys

Who sings backup in Kid Rock’s All Summer Long?

The instrumental backing for this coming of age tale is a mash-up of Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves Of London” and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama.” When Lynyrd Skynyrd entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006, Kid Rock inducted them. This was the official theme song for WWE’s Backlash 2008.

Who plays Bennett in All Summer Long?

Meanwhile Tia has also met wealthy Bennett (Christopher Russell) who appears interested in her, while Jake decides he wants her back, as well. But Jake thinks Tia intends to return to her dad’s law firm where they’re offering to make her a partner. Predictable, but fun. 5.0 out of 5 stars Great Movie!

Where is Kid Rock’s cabin in Michigan?

Rock’s six-bedroom, 6,000-square-foot home, located on Dwight Street and nestled against the Detroit River, was listed for $2.2 million. Rock purchased the home, which sits just across the river from the Detroit Yacht Club on Belle Isle, in January 2012.

Does Kid Rock have a house in Charlevoix Michigan?

8425 Raspberry Ln, Charlevoix.

Does Kid Rock have a yacht?

Published reports indicate the vessel, dubbed “Rock.It,” is owned by Kid Rock’s good friend and sandwich shop owner Jimmy John Liautaud. A superyacht website put the price of the boat at $100 million. Kid Rock has a concert date in Prairie du Chien on Thursday before he heads to Minnesota and South Dakota.

Does Kid Rock have a house in northern Michigan?

The same is true for Michigan native Kid Rock. You can find articles about his riverfront home in Detroit and mansion on Lake Fenton in southern Michigan but no online records or news articles stating he actually owns a house on Torch Lake.

Does Kid Rock have a house in Florida?

Though he lives most of the time in his camouflage-painted, doublewide mobile home with “a million dollar deck” overlooking Nashville on 68 acres of mountainside, the Kid has invested in real estate around Detroit, Nashville, Jupiter Beach, Florida and a stunning Balinese-style home in Point Dume, Malibu, where he and …

How much did Kid Rock sell his car?

CategorySupercars Celebrity / Entertainment
Make/ModelFord GT
Body StyleCoupe

Where is Tim Allen’s cabin in Michigan?

Tim Allen apparently heard the call of the wild. The “Home Improvement” star is buying the former Shady Trails camp on Lake Michigan for $2 million. The camp includes 29 buildings on 26 acres. The University of Michigan ran summer programs there for kids with speech and language impairments from 1932 until 1995.

What famous people live in Traverse City Michigan?

Traverse City is also home to celebrities who embrace the calmness of the Lakeshore and the beauty of the inland rolling hills and forest. Celebrity Chef Mario Batali summers here. Rocker Kid Rock, filmmaker Michael Moore and even Madonna all hang out up here and are a part of the local community.

Does Tim Allen still have a house in Michigan?

While Allen’s career moved on from Michigan, he — and his heart — haven’t. His mother and several siblings still live here, and he maintains a home in the northwestern suburbs of Detroit — one that famous fixer-upper Bob Vila helped Allen rebuild on the air.

What famous people live in northern Michigan?

  • Tim Allen.
  • Kid Rock.
  • Eminem.
  • Carter Oosterhouse.
  • Mario Batali.

Can you swim at Torch Lake?

Torch Lake is a particularly beautiful lake, with unusually clear waters that appear bright turquoise and resemble Caribbean waters. This is one of only a few public swimming areas on the lake.

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