What songs did Todd Hoffman sing?

Did Todd Hoffman become a singer?

So how did he make the jump from miner to singer? It seems that he simply had a passion for music. He has uploaded dozens of videos of his singing performances to his YouTube channel, which now has 147,000 subscribers.

How much is Dave from Gold Rush worth?

Net Worth:$2 Million

Does Volvo sponsor Gold Rush?

As a result of the sale of its Gold Rush excavator, Volvo Construction Equipment has contributed $290,000 to two nonprofit organizations — Building Homes for Heroes and Habitat for Humanity. Volvo introduced the excavator to commemorate the 10th season of Gold Rush on Discovery Channel.

Who created Gold Rush TV show?

Gold Rush
Executive producerChristo Doyle
Production locationsKlondike, Yukon, Canada and Alaska USA (Season 12)
Running time60 minutes
Production companyRaw TV

Who is the singer from Gold Rush?

‘Gold Rush’ Star Todd Hoffman Sings ‘Sound Of Silence’ and Leaves Everyone In Goosebumps.

Who has covered sound of silence?

“The Sound of Silence”
Songwriter(s)Paul Simon
Producer(s)Kevin Churko
Disturbed singles chronology

Where is Todd Hoffman now?

The 52-year-old left “Gold Rush” after a disappointing mining season in Colorado. But three years later, Hoffman is back in front of cameras. This time, he’s launching his own series on the Discovery Channel, “Hoffman Family Gold.” It will follow his family to Alaska and the family’s hopes of striking it rich.

What airport does Todd Hoffman own?

Todd Hoffman – Owner – Sandy River Airport | LinkedIn.


Pieces Cover by Todd Hoffman – YouTube

Someone You Loved – Cover By Todd Hoffman – YouTube

Simple Man – Cover by Todd Hoffman – YouTube

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