What type of music is within temptation?

What kind of band is within temptation?

Within Temptation is a Dutch symphonic metal band founded in April 1996 by vocalist Sharon den Adel and guitarist Robert Westerholt. They have been classified by critics as gothic metal and symphonic metal, although each album contains other influences outside these genres.

What genre is Nightwish?

Nightwish performs symphonic metal with soaring female operatic vocals. Their music has been described as “bombastic heavy, symphonic and cinematic, with keyboards and strings creating a gothic atmosphere”. They have also been known to play power metal, folk metal and gothic metal.

Is Nightwish Gothic?

In the book Rough Guide to Heavy Metal, Essi Berelian describes Nightwish as “gothic film score metal“. The Swedish group Therion also introduced gothic elements to their brand of symphonic metal on their 2007 album Gothic Kabbalah.

Why is Nightwish so good?

All of those things may well have played a part in Nightwish’s rise. But by far the biggest reason is that they do everything bigger and better than everyone else: stage shows, pyrotechnics, albums, movies, songs, solo albums about Scrooge McDuck. Tuomas smiles.

Why did Nightwish break up?

Tuomas: “It was a combination of many different factors: The way Tarja felt about the band, her motives, her values, the fact that the next album was definitely going to be her last [with NIGHTWISH] and that she didn’t want to tour with us anymore, not even after the next record.

Is Nightwish metal Reddit?

Nightwish just might be the most polarizing power metal band in existence. Despite a massive fanbase, Nightwish remains one of the more disliked bands among the metal world. Just like Dragonforce, metalheads love to hate them.

Is Nightwish progressive metal?

From Progarchives.com, the ultimate progressive rock music website. Finland’s NIGHTWISH has founded a medium where pure angelic vocal beauty combines with rugged metal guitars, and where intricate keyboard arrangements team up with driving rhythms, creating a soaring stylistic mix.

Is Nightwish finished?

Nightwish mainman Tuomas Holopainen says he was ‘completely devastated’ when long-time bassist Marko Hietala quit the band, and admits that he thought the Finnish symphonic metal band were finished.

Does Nightwish use an orchestra?

Besides the immense orchestrations an outstanding children’s choir is involved. Since monday 14th February Holopainnen is working with the fifty-three piece orchestra. Most of them recorded also ‘Once’ and ‘Dark Passion Play’ with Nightwish. Tuomas Holopainen wrote on their website a personal memoir about this week.

What is the current line up of Nightwish?

Years active1996–present
MembersTuomas Holopainen Emppu Vuorinen Floor Jansen Troy Donockley Kai Hahto
Past membersTarja Turunen Sami Vänskä Anette Olzon Jukka Nevalainen Marko Hietala

Why did Nightwish fire Annette?

The singer says she was fired shortly after revealing she was pregnant with her third child and being hospitalized with a stomach flu during the band’s 2012 North American tour. “What happened to Tarja happened to me — I was fired,” says Olzon.

How is Jukka Nevalainen?

Jukka Nevalainen
GenresSymphonic metal, power metal
Occupation(s)Drummer, musician
InstrumentsDrums, percussion, keyboards
Years active1993–2019

How old is Nightwish?

Nightwish is a symphonic power metal band that originated in Kitee, Finland in 1997. Nightwish consists of six main members.

Is Nightwish still a band?

Immediately after the final concert, Tarja Turunen is presented with an open letter signed by the musicians in the band. Their message is clear: Holopainen, Nevalainen, Vuorinen, and Hietala have decided to continue Nightwish without Turunen.

How tall is the lead singer of Nightwish?

“I am just over six-feet tall, and while I am not a giant I don’t really fit into regular clothing. For the stage I need to have entire outfits made specifically for me so I can be sure that everything is… shall we say… sitting in the right place.

What type of music is Radiohead?


What genre is flyleaf?


What’s considered alternative music?

Alternative music is music that is produced by performers who are outside the musical mainstream. It’s typically regarded as more eclectic, original, or challenging than most popular music (such as conventional rock, pop, or country), and it is often distributed by independent record labels.


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