Which male singer can sing the highest note?

The highest vocal note by a male is F# in the 8th octave (F#8, 5989 Hz) and was achieved by Amirhossein Molaei (Iran) in Tehran, Iran, on 31 July 2019.

What singer can hit the highest note?

But it’s Mariah Carey who takes the prize for the largest vocal range of all. She can reach a low F2 and hit an unbelievable G7, a note that dolphins would envy, and that only some dogs can hear.


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Who has the highest male voice in the world?

The highest vocal note by a male is F# in the 8th octave (F#8, 5989 Hz) and was achieved by Amirhossein Molaei (Iran) in Tehran, Iran, on 31 July 2019. Amirhossein had been working on his whistle register for years to prepare for this attempt.

Who has the best whistle note?

The highest note whistled is 10,599 Hz, and was achieved by Joshua Lockard (USA) in Southlake, Texas, USA, on 1 May 2019. Joshua wanted to prove that he was the best in the world at whistling a high note, and achieve the Guinness World Record title on 1 May 2019.

Who has the most octaves ever?

Singers in History With their Respective Vocal Ranges: – Dimash Kudaibergen(World’s Widest Vocal Range 2019)- 6 Octaves. Mariah Carey- 5 Octaves.

What is the highest a male can sing?

Tenor: the highest male voice, B2 (2nd B below middle C) to A4 (A above middle C), and possibly higher. Baritone: a male voice, G2 (two Gs below middle C) to F4 (F above middle C). Bass: the lowest male voice, E2 (two Es below middle C) to E4 (the E above middle C).

Who has the best male singing voice?

  1. Bobby McFerrin. McFerrin dominated the charts in the 1980s with his Grammy-award winning hit Don’t Worry, Be Happy.
  2. David Bowie.
  3. Stevie Wonder.
  4. John Lennon.
  5. Freddie Mercury.
  6. Prince.
  7. Axl Rose.
  8. Frank Sinatra.

Can all guys sing high notes?

Three hundred years ago, men used to sing falsetto in the high notes just like the women. It was widely accepted as the norm for the music audiences in Europe. Technically, it is much easier to do, but men cannot do that anymore. Now, men are expected to sing high notes in full voice, real voice, belt voice.

Which song has the highest note?

  • Luciano Pavarotti — Vesti La Giubba.
  • Morten Harket — “Take on Me”
  • Robert Plant — “Immigrant Song”
  • Freddie Mercury — “Somebody to Love”
  • Whitney Houston — “I Will Always Love You”


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