Who is JS singer?

Who was in JS Group?

JS was an American female R&B duo. The duo consisted of members Kim Johnson and Kandy Johnson.

How old is Ron isleys wife?

He married Kandy in 2005 after a difficult year that included a tour-stopping stroke in London. At the time of their marriage, Isley was 64 years old, while Johnson was 28. Today, Isley is 79 and his wife is 44.

How many of The Isley Brothers are still living?

Ronald and younger brother Ernie Isley are the two remaining siblings out on the road as The Isley Brothers. The group is still creatively viable thanks to Tower of Peace, an upcoming project recorded with longtime admirer Carlos Santana that’s set to drop in the spring.

How much is The Isley Brothers net worth?

Net Worth:$2 Million
Nationality:United States of America

Is Ronald Isley still married?

Ronald is married to Kandy Johnson Isley and the couple live together in California where they are raising their son Ronald Isley Jr. The couple married in 2005 despite their thirty-five-year age difference, at the time Ron was 64 and Kandy was 28 years old.

Are the Isley Brothers real brothers?

Three brothers, O’Kelly (25 December 1937, d. 31 March 1986), Rudolph (b. 1 April 1939) and Ronald Isley (b. 21 May 1941), began singing gospel in their home-town of Cincinnati, USA, in the early 50s, accompanied by their brother Vernon, who died in a car crash around 1957.

Who was Ron Isley married to?

How old is Eddie Levert?

80 years (June 16, 1942)

How old is Stevie Wonder?

72 years (May 13, 1950)

How old is singer Jeffrey Osborne?

74 years (March 9, 1948)

How old is Chaka Khan?

69 years (March 23, 1953)


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