Who is Robin Wilson married to?

Wilson divides his time between Arizona and New York, where his wife, Jenna, is the stage manager for Saturday Night Live. Their son, Grey, will be starting kindergarten this year, so Wilson may soon be spending more time in New York. But he calls Arizona home and spends about one week every month here.

How old is Robin Wilson of the Gin Blossoms?

56 years (July 12, 1965)

What was the Gin Blossoms biggest hit?

#1- Hey Jealousy – Number one on the top 10 Gin Blossoms songs list is the charming hit “Hey Jealousy.” The song is featured on Gin Blossoms’ LP New Miserable Experience (1992).

Are Gin Blossoms good?

Overall, Gin Blossoms played great together considering the effort needed to coordinate virtually and the audio was also solid, especially the guitars, drums and bass, while Wilson sounded muffled at times, ironically almost like he had a mask on, but mostly came through fine albeit some off key moments.

What is a Gin Blossom?

What Do Gin Blossoms Mean? Broken capillaries that make someone’s nose or face red (caused by excessive drinking) Example: Barney was shocked to realize that after drinking vodka exclusively for forty years, his face had developed gin blossoms.

Why are there Gin Blossoms?

The band’s name comes from a photo of W.C. Fields in Kenneth Anger’s infamously erroneous book, Hollywood Babylon, which bore the caption “W.C. Fields with gin blossoms”, referring to the actor’s telangiectasia-spotted face and rhinophymic nose by the slang term for the skin condition known as rosacea.

Who is touring with the Gin Blossoms?

If the stars don’t align and you can’t make the Celebrating 30 Miserable Years Tour, never fear, the Gin Blossoms are also going on tour with the Barenaked Ladies and Toad the Wet Sprocket starting on June 3.

Who is the current lead singer of the Gin Blossoms?

Robin Wilson

Who died from Gin Blossoms?

TEMPE, Ariz. — Douglas Hopkins, former lead guitarist for the rock band the Gin Blossoms, was found dead in his home Sunday, after having apparently shot himself. He was 32. Hopkins wrote the Gin Blossoms’ biggest hit, “Hey Jealousy,” as well as “Found Out About You,” which is No.

Who were the original members of the Gin Blossoms?

The Gin Blossoms first got together as a band in 1987, in Tempe, Arizona. The band’s lineup during the early years included lead guitarist and songwriter Doug Hopkins, bass guitarist Bill Leen, Jesse Valenzuela, rhythm guitarist Richard Taylor, Taylor’s replacement Steven Severson, and drummer Chris McCann.

Are the Gin Blossoms still together?

Gin Blossoms tour dates 2022 – 2023. Gin Blossoms is currently touring across 2 countries and has 24 upcoming concerts. Their next tour date is at Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica in Cleveland, after that they’ll be at Pine Knob Music Theatre in Clarkston.

How many albums did the Gin Blossoms sell?

Gin Blossoms have sold a total of 10 million records, according to a press release.

How long have the Gin Blossoms been around?

The band began in Tempe, Arizona. Bassist Bill Leen and guitarist- songwriter Doug Hopkins had known one another since childhood and previously played in a number of local bands, including the Psalms. They added guitarist and erstwhile lead singer Jesse Valenzuela and in 1987 made their debut as the Gin Blossoms.

Where was Hey Jealousy filmed?

“Hey Jealousy”
Song by Gin Blossoms
ReleasedMay 13, 1989 (album)
RecordedMay 1989
StudioWhipping Post (Tucson, Arizona)

Did Doug Hopkins play on New Miserable Experience?

Background. The band’s original lead guitarist, Doug Hopkins, was fired near the conclusion of the recording sessions for the album, ostensibly for his persistent alcohol problems. His replacement, Scott Johnson, is listed as a member of the band in the liner notes, but did not play on the album.

What happened to the lead singer of the Gin Blossoms?

Hopkins’ writing credits included the hits “Hey Jealousy”, “Found Out About You”, “Hold Me Down”, and “Lost Horizons”. Hopkins committed suicide in 1993 after suffering from mental health issues and alcoholism.

When did Robin Wilson join the Gin Blossoms?

Wilson joined the Gin Blossoms in 1988, two months after their first show when they were already the pride of Tempe; a half-decade later, the alt-era jangle-pop of their brilliant major-label debut New Miserable Experience was on its way to going quadruple platinum and making the group ’90s stars.


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