Who Is Singing In New John Lewis Advert?

Rising star Lola Young has been chosen to provide the soundtrack to this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert. The singer-songwriter, 20, from south London, joins previous music superstars including Ellie Goulding, Lily Allen and Tom Odell in contributing to the retailer’s annual festive campaign.

Who is singing on the new John Lewis advert 2021?

Lola Young is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from South London who sings the 2021 John Lewis Christmas advert song. The talented youngster started writing songs at the age of 11 and attended the prestigious BRIT school which produced stars such as Adele and Amy Winehouse.

Who stars in John Lewis Christmas advert 2021?

A 14-year-old actor has shot to stardom by playing the lead role in the new John Lewis Christmas advert. Unexpected Guest features Jordan Nash as a schoolboy who encounters an alien after its spaceship crash-lands in a forest.

Who is it that sings the new John Lewis TV advert?

John Lewis have unveiled their 2021 Christmas advert, with a song performed by British singer Lola Young. 20-year-old Lola sings the soundtrack for this year’s advert, titled Unexpected Guest, which features a cover of Together In Electric Dreams, originally released by Philip Oakey and Giorgio Moroder in 1984.

Who sings the pandora Christmas advert 2021?

During the commercial, we see people giving items from the new Pandora Moments collection, which include star-inspired pieces and hand-set sparkle for “every special story”. What’s the music in the Christmas Pandora advert? Song Title: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (cover). Artist: Emilie Mover.

Where was the John Lewis advert filmed 2021?

The UK waits patiently like a ritual every year for John Lewis to air its Christmas advert – and this year there’s a special south London link. Eagle-eyed south London viewers have spotted a familiar location where they reckon the advert was filmed close-by.

Who are the actors in the John Lewis Christmas advert?

Actors Raffiella Chapman and Jordan A. Nash are the stars in this year’s advert, playing Skye and Nathan. The two 14-year-olds are trained actors and have worked alongside stars including Angelina Jolie, Will Smith and Eddie Redmayne.

Who is the actress in the John Lewis advert?

Who is Raffiella Chapman? 14-year-old Chapman is already used to the big screen, having featured in a number of films. She plays the space-traveller Skye in the advert, but has also portrayed Lucy Hawking in The Theory of Everything alongside Eddie Redmayne.

What is the new John Lewis advert about?

The two-minute advert, created by agency adam&eveDDB, depicts a young alien celebrating her first ever Christmas. The young alien, named Skye, crashes to earth and meets teenager Nathan, who shows her Christmas traditions such as decorating a Christmas tree, eating mince pies and wearing Christmas jumpers.

Who Sings Electric Dreams John Lewis?

Lola Young

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