Who Is Singing on Over the Moon?

1.“On the Moon Above”John Cho, Ruthie Ann Miles and Cathy Ang
2.“Mooncakes”Cho, Miles and Ang
3.“Rocket to the Moon”Ang
4.“Rocket to the Moon (Reprise)”Ang

Who sings in the Netflix movie Over the Moon?

Watch Phillipa Soo Sing ‘Times Are Hard for Dreamers’ From Broadway’s ‘Amelie’ Musical. The beautiful story, directed by Glen Keane, features spritely and often moving songs by Chris Curtis, Majorie Duffield and Helen Park, and a luminescent score by Oscar-winner Steven Price.

Who sang the songs in Over the Moon in love?

Listen to the original song Paradise by Wes Brown and Jessica Lowndes.

Who sang the song Ultraluminary?

Phillipa Soo

How many songs are there in Over the Moon?

Chiu, John Cho, Sandra Oh, Ruthie Ann Miles, Kimiko Glenn, Margaret Cho, and Ken Jeong, and features nine original songs as well as 13 score tracks from composer Steven Price.

Is Over the Moon a musical?

In this animated musical, a girl builds a rocket ship and blasts off, hoping to meet a mythical moon goddess.

What is the gift in over the moon?

The gift is the one that Chang’e was looking for to ressurect her one true love and to make him immortal. Its the last ingredient for jade’s potion to do that. Fei Fei first thought that it her Chang’e doll and so did the Biker Chicks, who had been with Fei Fei looking for The gift.

Are there any songs about the moon?

  1. Shoot The Moon – Norah James.
  2. The Moon’s A Harsh Mistress – Glen Campbell.
  3. Talking To The Moon – Bruno Mars.
  4. Moonlight Serenade – Glenn Miller.
  5. Once In A Very Blue Moon – Nanci Griffith.
  6. To The Moon And Back – Savage Garden.
  7. Moonlight – Grace Nanderwaal.
  8. Neon Moon – Brooks and Dunn.

Does Wes Brown sing in over the moon?

This time tomorrow you can be watching Wes Brown starring alongside Jessica Lowndes in the first #FallHarvest romance #OverTheMoonInLove! Watch as he shares what it was like singing in and filming this wonderful movie.

Does Wes Brown the actor sing?

Fans of the Louisiana native will not be surprised that he sings as well as acts, as his musical talents have appeared in a few of his acting gigs as well. We all remember him playing Elvis’ piano in Christmas at Graceland and also performing in the sequel, Wedding at Graceland with his costar, Kellie Pickler.

Was the song Paradise in a movie?

“Paradise” (or “Theme from Paradise”) is a song written and produced by L. Russell Brown and Joel Diamond that served as the theme to the 1982 adventure romance film Paradise.

How old was Fei Fei when her mom died?

A modern retelling of the Chinese Chang’e myth, the film frames the story of the immortal moon goddess longing for her lover who was left on earth through the eyes of Fei Fei, a 14-year-old girl whose mother recently died.

Is Over the Moon based on a true story?

The film is based on the Chinese legend of Chang’e, a mysterious goddess, who drank a magic potion and accidentally floated away from her true love to live on the Moon. This magical story is told to 12-year-old Fei Fei, the film’s main character, by her mother.

Who is Cathy Ang?

Among all that craze, was budding actor Cathy Ang, who played Lily Goldenblatt in this revival of Sex and the City. Prior to landing this acting role in the ten-episode mini-series, the 26-year-old was recognised for her voice work.

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