Who is the female singer in Jefferson Airplane?

Who is female singer in Jefferson Starship now?

Lead singer Cathy Richardson, who collaborated on the song with Slick and guitarist Jude Gold, will be going live on Jefferson Starship’s Facebook page today at 4:00pm EDT/1:00pm PDT to discuss the new single and other aspects of Mother of the Sun.

Who is the lead singer for Jefferson Starship 2021?

Lead singer Marty Balin joined soon after in 1975. As one of the most successful arena rock bands of the 1970s and ’80s, the group has enjoyed great success, releasing 11 high-charting studio albums and acquiring eight gold and three platinum records with many Billboard Top 40 singles.

Who was the woman singer in Jefferson Airplane?

Signe Anderson, Jefferson Airplane’s original female vocalist who sang on the band’s 1966 debut LP Jefferson Airplane Takes Off, passed away January 28th. Anderson was 74.

Who is singing for Jefferson Starship?

In November 2015, a new lead vocalist, Rachel Rose, was phased in to replace the departing Cathy Richardson; sharing the stage with one-time Jefferson Starship vocalist Darby Gould until Richardson announced her return to the band in March 2016.

Does Grace Slick still sing for Jefferson Starship?

September 5, 2020 at 5:31 a.m. A small bit of music history was made in January 2017 when Cathy Richardson, the current frontwoman of Jefferson Starship, was watching the National Womens’ March with Grace Slick, the singer she replaced.

What happened to the lead singer of Jefferson Airplane?

Jefferson Airplane’s Marty Balin Dies At 76 Marty Balin was a co-founder and lead singer of Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship. At their height both bands were among the hottest in America. Balin has died at age 76.


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