Who is the front man for Static-X?

Who does vocals for Static-X now?

Wayne Static sings on Static-X’s new single, which is a bit weird when you think about it. Static-X have released a video for Dead Souls, taken from the band’s seventh album Project: Regeneration Vol. 1. The song features a guest appearance on vocals from Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen.

Who is fronting Static-X?

Static-X have enjoyed a successful comeback with their new frontman Xer0, who hides his identity with a Wayne Static mask. In a new interview, however, bassist Tony Campos reaffirms that although everyone knows who’s behind the mask, it’s important to maintain Xer0’s mystique.

Where is Wayne Static buried?

Wayne’s body was cremated in California. Wayne’s body was cremated, and memorial services were reportedly held in Kentucky and California. Static always insisted on being cremated after his death: “I’m not into that whole ritualistic burying thing.

Who is the lead singer of Static-X 2021?

Static-X will hit the road with their enigmatic frontman, Xer0, who wears a mask that resembles late frontman Wayne Static. The band will be out in support of their latest album, 2020’s “Project Regeneration Vol. 1,” which features the late frontman’s vocals over the band’s current lineup.

Does Drowning Pool have a new singer?

We recently reported that Drowning Pool’s new vocalist is Suicide Hook singer Jasen Moreno and now the band has officially confirmed the news. After parting ways with former singer Ryan McCombs, Drowning Pool recruited Moreno to go on the road with them.

Who are the current members of Static-X?


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