Who is the pineapple in The Masked Singer?

Tommy Chong – Pineapple is a masked celebrity on the first season of The Masked Singer.

Who is the Poodle on masked singer?

Jonathan Ross revealed it was Poodle who was to be unmasked and they were revealed to be Keane lead singer Tom Chaplin.

Who is Penguin on masked singer?

They were revealed to be Destiny’s Child star Michelle Williams. She was in the band with Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland. Judge Rita Ora told Williams that she had “confused the hell out of us” – although viewers had been guessing the singer for a while.

Who is the rabbit on The Masked Singer spoiler?

Spoiler Alert – The Round 3 finals ended with the Prince joining his fellow Good contestants, Firefly and the Ringmaster, in The Masked Singer Season 7 finale, while Queen Cobra and Space Bunny were eliminated and unmasked as vocal group En Vogue and singer Shaggy.

Who is bagpipes on masked singer?

Pat Cash was the fourth contestant to be eliminated from The Masked Singer as he was unmasked as Bagpipes. During Saturday (15 January) night’s Love Week special, the celebrity performed a rendition of “Teenage Dirtbag” by Wheatus.

Who is the mushroom on The Masked Singer 2021?

Charlotte Church came in second place on The Masked Singer as she was unmasked as Mushroom. During Saturday (12 February) night’s final, Mushroom went head to head against Robobunny and Panda to be named series champion. Robobunny was eliminated first and revealed to be Westlife’s Mark Feehily.

Who is Robo Bunny on The Masked Singer?

The Masked Singer UK finally saw the unmasking of Robobunny, who was praised as being one of the best contestants yet, as well as having one of the most spectacular costumes. Robobunny came third in the competition, eventually being exposed as Mark Feehily from Westlife — which a lot of people managed to guess!

Who is jellyfish on masked singer?

The tentacled spectacle was unmasked to reveal snowboarder Chloe Kim, who became the youngest woman to win an Olympic snowboarding gold medal when she won the women’s snowboard halfpipe at just 17 years old at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Who is seahorse on masked singer?

In one of the more shocking eliminations in the show’s history, The Masked Singer said giddy up to the Seahorse before the finals. The sequined fish with powerful and versatile vocals was revealed to be two-time Grammy winner Tori Kelly.

Who is Broccoli Masked Singer?

(CNN) The latest celebrity to be revealed on “The Masked Singer” is Paul Anka, who was hiding under a big head of Broccoli. For his final performance, Broccoli sang “Old Time Rock & Roll,” by Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band.

Who is lionfish on Masked Singer?

After two weeks, Lionfish was eliminated from the show, and was revealed to be Will Young!

Who is Raven on masked singer?

Ricki Lake – Raven is a masked celebrity on the first season of The Masked Singer.

Who is monster from masked singer?

Wednesday night’s big reveal was no exception when YouTube sensation-turned boxer Logan Paul was unmasked as Grandpa Monster.

What celebrity went to jail for a wig?

Feb 07, 2019. More theories and rumors sprung up last night that Donny Osmond was the Peacock on “The Masked Singer.” Many theories came after the Peacock said he once was thrown in jail for wearing a wig.

Who is the mushroom on Masked Singer 2020?

After a rousing rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish,” everyone’s favorite spore was named first runner-up and was revealed to be Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Aloe Blacc.

Who was snow owls on Masked Singer?

The Snow Owls were unmasked and revealed to be married country singers Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black. EW called it! While the panelists’ guesses weren’t that far off, there were a few clues that convinced us right away that the “When I Said I Do” singers were inside the costumes.


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