Who sings on Thin Lizzy still in love with you?

Who played the guitar solo on Still In Love With You by Thin Lizzy?

“Still in Love with You” – probably the ultimate showcase song for a band with 2 guitar players. Brian Robertson, who is about 21 years old at this time, takes the first solo and just goes for it.

How many members of Thin Lizzy are still alive?

NameYears activeInstruments
Scott Gorham1974–1983 1996–presentguitar backing vocals
Darren Wharton1980–1983 1996–2001 2010–presentkeyboards backing vocals
Ricky Warwick2010–presentlead vocals guitar
Damon Johnson2011–presentguitar backing vocals

Where is Scott Gorham now?

Scott Gorham says that he is focusing on making a new 21 GUNS album after exiting BLACK STAR RIDERS last year. Gorham was in BLACK STAR RIDERS for nearly a decade, having formed the band in 2013 with other THIN LIZZY members after deciding to write and record new music under a new moniker.

Is the lead singer of Thin Lizzy Black?

Phil Lynott was the first black Irishman to reach the pinnacle of significant musical success, even if it was for a brief time. He started his dream team, Thin Lizzy, in late 1969 with his childhood friend and the band’s official drummer Brian Downey.

What is Thin Lizzy worth?

Net Worth:$10 Million
Date of Birth:Mar 17, 1951 (71 years old)
Profession:Songwriter, Musician, Guitarist
Nationality:United States of America

Why did Gary Moore quit Thin Lizzy?

Moore then left Thin Lizzy in April 1974. While he enjoyed his time in the band, Moore felt it wasn’t good for him, stating: “After a few months I was doing myself in, drinking and high on the whole thing.”

Does Thin Lizzy still tour?

Unfortunately there are no concert dates for Thin Lizzy scheduled in 2022.

Who played lead guitar on Whiskey in the Jar?

As lead guitarist, Bell played on Thin Lizzy’s first three albums Thin Lizzy, Shades of a Blue Orphanage and Vagabonds of the Western World, as well as their hit single “Whiskey in the Jar”.

When did Thin Lizzy split?

By July 1985, however, Thin Lizzy had split almost two years; Lynott as a creator was a shadow of his former self and, most tragically of all, years of drug addiction would soon take their ultimate toll.

Who was Thin Lizzy’s lead singer?

Philip Parris Lynott (/ˈlaɪnɒt/, LIE-not; 20 August 1949 – 4 January 1986) was an Irish singer, musician, and songwriter. His most commercially successful group was Thin Lizzy, of which he was a founding member, the principal songwriter, lead vocalist and bassist.

What did Leslie Crowther say about Phil Lynott?

In his father-of-the-bride speech at the Kensington Hilton Hotel in London, on February 14, 1980, TV star Leslie Crowther said that when Phil Lynott had asked for his daughter Caroline’s hand in marriage, he replied: “You’ve had everything else — you might as well have that as well.”

Did Phil Lynott write still in love with you?

“Still in Love with You”
GenreRock, blues rock
LabelMercury Records
Songwriter(s)Phil Lynott
Producer(s)Phil Lynott, Ron Nevison

Where did the name Thin Lizzy come from?

The name came from a robot character in The Dandy called Tin Lizzie, which they adjusted to Thin Lizzy as a playful reference to the local Dublin accent, in which “thin” would be pronounced as “t’in”. For some of their early gigs, the band were mistakenly promoted as “Tin Lizzy” or “Tin Lizzie”.

Is Thin Lizzy in the rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

The boys were not back in town last week, after the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame failed to induct Thin Lizzy into its ranks, writes Pavel Barter. The Irish band were among 16 acts nominated for inclusion in the annual event in Ohio, set up in 1983 to recognise artists who helped shape the history of rock music.

Did snowy white play with Thin Lizzy?

White is most famous for his five-decade history with Pink Floyd and Roger Waters, but he was also a member of Thin Lizzy in the early Eighties and he’s played with everyone from Peter Green to Mick Taylor. He also scored a hit on his own in 1983 with “Bird of Paradise.”

When did Gary Moore play with Thin Lizzy?

Recruited to Thin Lizzy in 1973 by Lynott – with whom he was said to share an intensely competitive relationship – Moore initially played with the group for a few months but returned four years later and went on to play on the band’s Black Rose album, released in 1979.

What song is Thin Lizzy famous?

Whiskey in the Jar‘ – Thin Lizzy’s version is, perhaps, the most famous and was a huge hit in Lynott’s native Ireland where it rode atop the charts there for over three months in 1972.

When did snowy white leave Thin Lizzy?

White left Thin Lizzy in August 1982. White’s connection to Pink Floyd continued in later decades. White was invited by former Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters to perform at The Wall Concert in Berlin in 1990, by the ruins of the Berlin Wall, along with other artists.

How long did Midge Ure play with Thin Lizzy?

Midge Ure was an unofficial member of Thin Lizzy between 1979 and 1980, co-writing one track with Lynott before stepping in to help out the band following the sudden departure of Gary Moore during a U.S.A. tour.


Thin Lizzy Still in love with you National Stadium Dublin 1975 …

THIN LIZZY – Still In Love With You (Derby, England ’75)

Gary Moore & THIN LIZZY – Tour 1977 – Still in Love With You …

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